MKMMA Press Release

September, 2025.

A few months ago, Times International Magazine asked me to interview an artist that became more and more noticed over the last few years because of her mesmerizing, fascinating and inspiring concerts and performances.

Her original and unique project ‘Dances with Viola’, that combines viola-playing, voice and dance, using sensors and software that translate the choreographies into sound — so one could say she plays the viola with her entire body — earned her some special awards and prizes over the last few years.

Also her other major project, “Dazzlin’viola-con Voce”, combining viola-playing and singing (and at times also harp-playing), performing her own compositions as well as pieces written for her, has been touring very successfully internationally.

She’s aslo a regularly invited performer of the more ‘regular’ viola-repertoire, in all kinds of constellations and genres. Her public loves her because of the profound joy as well as deeply felt, authentic and sincere sensitivity that is emanated by her extremely expressive way of playing, resonating throughout her wonderful sound. And when she sings, her voice goes right through to your core and touches strings there you didn’t even know you had.

I met her last june, 2025, on one of her favorite islands: Symi, one of the Greek Dodekanesos.

We sat on a small terrace, full of flowers, of a taverna next to the wonderfully blue sea. It was noon, and already quite warm, but thanks to a nice breeze — perfumed with the sea and the flowers and the aromas of the kitchen of the taverna — and a beautiful blue parasol, temperature felt just perfect. The sun was shining in a clear blue sky, from time to time playing with some light white clouds. She offered us a bottle of the nicest retsina around, and some Greek mezze. (Especially the grilled octopus was outstanding, by the way.) On the table
was a gorgeous bouquet of flowers she got the day before after a performance on Kreta (she just got off the boat, and would be traveling to her holiday-house on Rhodos later that day).

As she was sitting there in front of me, completely relaxed, dressed in a colorful light, silk, flowing dress, wearing beautiful silver earrings that a befriended jeweler designed for her, one of her cats (that always travels with her) on her knees, I understood completely why her public is so taken by her: she literally warmheartedly ‘shines’, as if a complete rainbow of colors, dusted with gold, is constantly ‘breathing out of her’, and her presence alone inspired me a profound well-being and I just could not help feeling all bubbly and full of humor, as if I simply was ‘one big, sunny smile’, she has a magnetic and natural, instant way of uplifting your spirit. She’s approaching her sixties now, but she still looks as if she only just hit 40.

From time to time people came to greet her, friends, acquaintances, people who had heard her play, which created a very nice atmosphere on the terrace.

So the interview, about how she got where she is now could not have taken place under better circumstances. Her story might sound a bit unusual,but truly is an inspiration to us all. As she said herself a few times: ‘Never ever give up your dreams, nor hope, everything is possible, always. Dig deep, look yourself straight in the eyes, love yourself UNconditionally, train your mind, and you will make it happen, you CAN be what you will to be.’

So, this is her story, the story about how she became her soul.

OoopsDSC_0875 kopie

Basically all started back in 2015, she just KNEW that her future was out there, and that her life was only about to BEGIN.

She stumbled on the MasterKey, and decided to go for it full-heartedly, as it appealed strongly to the inner strength that she knew she had and that she decided to develop consciously and fully.

And from there on, things — pieces of her puzzle — started to change, or better: fall into their right place, and did so in a tempo she could not believe.

First her health started do improve rapidly, and even her neck and spine got completely regenerated, all the nerves functioning to perfection again, and after two months she noticed that she was actually playing viola and harp better than ever before — which inspired her extreme gratitude and she was over the moon with joy about it. Also her energies went up again, and suddenly her voice started to have ‘a new ring to it’, all of which made her practice with even more passion and more effectively than before, to get her technique to the highest possible level, on her viola, her harp and her voice.

Her daily yoga-practice also took a completely new turn, new insights from within made her work in a different way, and soon after she found a teacher that did wonders for her and her specific body-type, she finally found a class that helped and supported her with that.

And finally she also found some great dance-classes that were completely appropriate for her — classical ballet, flamenco, contemporary — and that she could attend according to her own schedule.

Doing all that, she found a complete new appreciation for her body, this wonderfully functioning instrument, and decided to serve it to her best possibilities, because she asks a lot of it, and she understood that if she wanted it to continue to serve her at this top-level, she had to equally serve it the best possible conditions: healthy, organic food (which she already did, but she got even way more conscious of her real needs, by listening much more closely to her body), a ‘clean’, disciplined, positive and supportive way of thinking, and a better balance with work and rest, lots of time in nature, and thanks to a friend she found a wonderful place that offers Ayurvedic retreats in her beloved Pyrenees, where she now returns at least once a year.

She also had started a career in energy-work, since 2015, just before she got into the MasterKey, and this of course helped her a lot too, it became a second passion, besides her music — it always had been, but since then she started to take it even more serious.

She had always been intrigued by the link between inner and outer nature, about how the body mirrors what is going on in the soul by creating illnesses of all kinds if something in the inner realm is ‘not right’. With the energy-work, she had a powerful tool in her hands (literally) to go inside this process on the deepest possible level, and to help, support and accelerate transformation towards complete health on all levels.

One of her ‘alter-egos’ is Pegasus (with a Unicorn, well, yes, that’s her…), which is all about healing through transformation of the emotional. And her connection to this energy, gave her ever growing insight in the human soul, mind and body, and of the processes that link them. Insight from within, innate wisdom and ever expanding intuition.

She made it her mission to become a devoted, as pure as possible channel for as high as possible energy and unconditional love, for herself and her surroundings.

Actually, this was completely aligned with what she already did with her music: whenever she went on stage, she already said this same mantra, ‘let me be an as pure as possible channel and so on’, for the audience that would be there at that time, at that place. And this worked. People came to see her after a concert or performance, telling her things like ‘I saw the angels sing when you were on stage’ and about how wonderful she made them feel. This kind of reactions filled her with a deep sense of joyful accomplishment and profound gratitude, for being able to ‘channel’ this.

So the energy-work deepened this process and ability, and since sound in itself is a powerful healing source, she started to use this much more consciously. And thus she created a new profession: she became the genuine and sincere healing artist/artistic healer she was cut out to be, actually from day one.

People started to contact her out of the blue, to ask for support for their healing-processes, to guide them on their path of personal transformation, and gradually this became a quite reliable source of income, especially during the time she was putting her artistic career back on the rails.

That was quite a fascinating process as well by the way.
First of all, she finally started composing again.

Only two weeks after she got into the Masterkey, she suddenly found the courage to propose a piece for an ensemble she played in, in the Netherlands: they already asked her to perform a piece for viola and small orchestra, and so then she proposed to write something herself, for herself, viola AND voice, and them. Ideas came flying into her mind like in no time, and one month later, it was finished, and she performed it in december 2015, with great success. That was an absolutely thrilling experience for her: creating and performing her soul’s music so effortlessly and with joy! And it was immediately as clear as could be: THIS was her path, her specific road to follow. The public made THAT very, very clear to her after the concert.

Oxford And as simultaneously her health recovered and her playing kept on improving, her harp-playing and singing as well, soon offers started to come from corners she could not have thought about. Suddenly she got emails and phone calls from several festivals and ensembles, of contemporary music at first but then also from more classical chamber-music groups, and even orchestras that wanted her to come and play as a soloist, because they found her very inspiring to work with, and appreciated her presence,insights and also the way she made them feel when playing with her. She always managed to bring them to their highest levels, and she loved being able to do that .

So surprisingly rapidly, over the years she found herself playing in all the major halls all over the world, as well as in smaller venues or even private houses — she doesn’t mind so much the size of the halls, because the people who want and need  to hear her, can be found everywhere.

VoiceShe even got more and more into music-theater as well, did Kurt Weil’s “Drei Grosschen-Oper”, also in december 2015, and her theatrical presence got noticed too, she had (and has) SO much fun with that!

Of course, thanks to all this, her income started to rise, first gradually (by october 2016 she already more than doubled what she earned before), with ease, and that had been rising since. She was really grateful for that, because she finally could make herself independent, and be completely autonomous, which was a great relief for her and something she extremely enjoyed. And therefor she could start taking more time for herself, to go to her beloved Greek Islands more often and enjoy some wonderful time and pampering there, alone and with her partner.

And then of course, there was (and is) her absolute DREAM-project, “Dances with Viola”. She had dreamed about that since the 1980’s, started it back in 2010.

This is how she started: , the very first ‘steps’.

Once the Masterkey REALLY started to ‘kick in’, things started to change there, too. In march 2016, she suddenly ‘stumbled’ on the perfect partner to help her with the project, and all the difficulties that existed before regarding time and space and resources and so on, just vanished like snow in the sun. And so the project developed quite quickly, and already in december 2016 they started giving ‘full performances’ and could finally develop the concept to the fullest, thanks to a choreographer that agreed to help by giving ‘an outside eye’ and great tips AND personal training for her.

Here’s another 2 snapshot of those early days:

And so finally, there she was, creating and performing her soul’s music AND dance, with ease!

About one year later, by october 2017, they even started touring internationally, first in France, and the Netherlands, and then they were invited by a festival in New-York, and from there on, they went globally, and won a few special prices and awards.

The recognition of her creative expression filled and fills her with complete satisfaction, bliss, profound gratitude and a strong sense of purpose.

In short: her absolute dream-life was and is enrolling right before her eyes.

Thanks to those awards and prices, and some unexpected bonuses and gifts from a few benefactors, her bank account got really healthy. By january 2018, she had about 500 000€ in the bank, and enjoyed even more artistic freedom and autonomy.

Another source that was very helpful for that were her late mother’s paintings. She left about 50 of them, gorgeous, unique and VERY spiritual art-work. She sold a few during her life-time but the rest of the collection was stored somewhere already for quite a while. But: this changed, quite rapidly too (it really is amazing, the accelerating factor that the Masterky was in her life!). Her mother too deserved LOTS of recognition for her creative expression, and when Dominica understood the link between that, and her own need, something ‘clicked’ in her mind, and ‘the ball started rolling’.

Bas les Masques! metallic pastel G; van Assche

Bas les Masques!
metallic pastel
G; van Assche

As of 2016 already, more and more people started to take interest, a few sold quickly at a reasonable price, and then, by the end of 2016, someone completely fell head over heals in love with one of them, and insisted on paying 10 000€ for it, and from then on, they flew out of ‘the nest’ almost ‘on their own’, and for really good prices.

That was quite a relief, because now they could be seen in several corners of the world, and do their own magic of healing for those who look at them. They have this quality of mirroring what’s inside the soul of the beholder, and being created with a very unusual and unique material, metallic pastel — gold, silver and copper — they radiate a mysterious and fascinating glow and impact. So actually she too was in her own way a healing artist.

And then, big leap: her house in the mountains, where she feels absolutely completely happy and at peace, and enjoys her swimming-pool and sauna… and her own event-hall, where she gives her own concerts, and organizes concerts for artists that she likes, as well as masterclasses, yoga-classes, dance-classes… it became quite a busy and buzzing place-to-be.

That truly is her piece of heaven here on earth.

This she dreamed about many, many years ago, the first image of it came to her mind back in the 1990’ies. ‘A foolish fantasy’, she called it back then. Little did she know that actually, this is where she lives now, and it looks every inch as in her fantasy.

It is U-shaped, one wing is her residency, with big windows overlooking the valley that it is built right next to. It’s almost ‘balancing’ on a cliff actually, but thanks to the evolution in building-materials and means of transport as well as the big difference in how the economical world turned out — much healthier and humane, so these things became possible with ease — and one of her friends being a genius architect, it is completely safe, comfortable and quiet.
In the middle-section is her event-hall, spacious and with all comfort and features to make it convertible for any kind of use, and the third wing is where she has several guest rooms, all comfortable and well-insulated to guarantee a calm and serene stay, so there her friends can stay when they visit her, or she rents them out to members of the public or to attendees of the masterclasses.

Underneath that wing is the space with the quite spacious swimming-pool and a sauna-section.

This U-shape encloses a yard with a fountain in the middle, and beautiful flowery plants all around.

She found this place ‘by coincidence’. She had always been completely in love with mountains — even a little bit more than with ‘her’ Greek Islands– and especially with the Pyrenees and their magical energy, and tried to spent her holidays there as often as she could.

Once her income started to rise and she could take more time off to retreat, she went back to ‘her’ mountains more often, and on one of those trips, during a long walk, suddenly she stumbled upon a small house, next to a valley with a river and a beautiful lake right down at the bottom of the valley. A truly magnificent setting, and radiating such vibrant energy!

She truly had one of her famous ‘déjà vus’: this was exactly the panoramic scene she had always seen when fantasizing about her dream-house. It was quite isolated, but still not really far from a small, very charming and lively village, and only a few miles down a road from there was a little town, so all necessities to live a comfortable life were near-by.

The house was abandoned, but when she got back to the village and started inquiring, she soon found out who it belonged to, and actually that person was almost relieved to finally being able to sell it, the house and the land belonging to it.

Another lucky ‘coincidence’ was her friend the architect, who found it a real challenge to convert this place into her dream-house. And thanks to the new materials that got invented as mentioned before, they were able to finish it already by january 2020. And other bonus: a befriended couple accepted to move into the village and help her run her ‘event-hall and guesthouse’, doing also some gardening (they grow their own organic crop!).

So in a short time, it became a flowering asset to the region, that even generates wealth for them during her absence when she’s on tour with one of her projects, because the events can go on thanks to her friends that manage them.

But of course, even living there in her own personal heaven, she was not going to abandon that other part of ‘her soul’: the Greek Islands, where she also had a lot of friends, and a part of her soul is ‘at home’. She went on spending lots of time there, and another dream came true: she could buy a small house in the woods next to Kritinia, on the isle of Rhodos, where she regularly retreats and uses it as a basis for excursions towards the other islands. She spends about one third of the year there, on average, and mastered the language fluently.

Oh, speaking about languages: I have to mention also this important aspect of her evolution: one of her aims was to have a deep connection and genuine communication with animals. She always had that, but not ‘conscious’ enough for her likings. But ever since she wrote it in her DMP, her subconscious apparently started to work on ways to establish a true ‘translator’ in her brain, to convert the way her animals communicate (of course she started with her cats) into ‘her language’, and vice versa.

Soon she started noticing some events that where clearly indicating that the ‘wires were under construction’, and already by december 2015, there was a real ‘first talk’, that made her heart completely burst with joy! That was important to her, because it enhanced the connection with all the ‘corners of the soul’, since to her, animals are all somehow the materialization of specific aspects of ourselves, so if we can really talk to them, they can reveal us the most wonderful insights (as well as simply be the most wonderful friends and huggers 🙂 ). And that absolutely turned out to be true! So now she enjoys real quality-time with them, and is on her way to establish the same connection with plants. She added laughing: ‘Come back in a few years to hear more about that!”

There we had to end the interview because she had her boat to Rhodos to catch. But oh yes, I will come back, to hear more about her fascinating and inspiring evolution. And as we say our good-byes, I notice a shift in myself: she touched a spot inside me that started resonating, I felt an urge, and simultaneously a tremendous enthusiasm rising, about my own soul’s dreams and the life that is waiting inside me to become reality. And yes, after having witnessed her quite incredible story, I know for sure now: Me too, I can be what I will to be. And I start doing that right now. My mind is set.