Week 10 : Res(e)t

Last month has been an extremely intense month, with a professional dead-line at the very last day — a deadline I created shortly after getting into the MasterKey: finishing a composition for viola, voice and string ensemble.

I DID it. In time. As programmed.

The whole process was incredibly intense and in an almost magical way completely aligned with the whole MasterKey -program so far, with what I wanted to accomplish for myself when I started it: completely incarnate and structurally integrate my full potential.

Because without doing that, I would go nowhere. For me it’s not about learning about or getting into any kind of spirituality, that has been with and inside me since the day I was born and conscious not long after that.

Montée de la Conscience

Montée de la Conscience metallic pastel G. van Assche

No, for me, the real challenge was to bring all this wisdom and ‘knowing’ into the flesh, incarnate it, so that I can USE it here ‘on earth’. ‘Getting conscious the other way around’ so to speak. That has been my biggest challenge all my life, and I lacked the tools to really do so.

Now I feel that I have them, those tools, and the actual composition, “Essence”, that I just finished is proof of that. I finally DID it, and made it concrete, I finally incarnated that creative part of me , by incarnating the sounds in my head in actual notes on paper that will be played on december 16th. (I had composed before, but more in a kind of ‘aloof’ way, and never before for such a ‘big’ setting).During the process I could feel my soul almost literally taking more and more possession of my mind and body, and I could ‘see’ that happening during the meditations, the ‘battle-ship’-sequence, and especially the ‘flower’-sequence…. ‘downloading my Hearzflower’…. and all this is reflected in the piece — in a way, it even reflects my whole DMP, sound-wise and symbolically.

I dedicated the piece to the MKMMA-course, by the way, and after the creation of it, in two weeks, I definitely will post a recording of it in my blog.


Montée de la Conscience metallic pastel G. van Assche

And now, since december 1st, I went into a state of ‘incubation’ as it seems, ‘rest’, and ‘reset’, (apart from OF COURSE celebrating the accomplishment 🙂 ) .I need SO much sleep, and even more ‘turning inwards’, no spectacular insights or stuff like that (‘by coincidence’ there not being a webinar and Haanel’s sit-instructions for this week being piece of cake for me could not be better timed…..) but I feel that I have to give my system time, space and most of all rest to ‘incorporate’ everything that happened ‘tornado-wise’ the last few weeks. So that everything can be ‘reset’, not to a previous state, but re-set in the sense of prepared to go to the ‘real starting-blocks’… ready for what is to come … welcoming that new state of being, and gathering the (new) energies to dig and root even deeper now, and most of all create, and start living the life I always wanted to live. Somehow it feels like I finally am born. Born into myself, by myself.

I am most definitely curious about what comes next…….

20 thoughts on “Week 10 : Res(e)t

    1. dominica8 Post author

      thanks….. now preparing and practicing to perform the piece on december 16th…. so the process goes on, yesterday already new stuff popped up in relation to that…..


  1. LucLuc Griffet

    Yes! Congratulations Dominica, you are awesome 🙂 You wrote that your composition will be played on the 16th of December, will that be a public event and if yes, will it be in Belgium? I will be in Belgium the whole week of 14th of December…


    1. dominica8 Post author

      aaaah pity, no, it will be in Holland, in ‘s Heerenberg….. and I will be there as of friday 11th. But if you are in Belgium, we could maybe meet? I Have another performance (Mrs Peachum in ‘Drei Groschen-Oper’ of Kurt Weil in Gent on thursday 17th, (yes, busy week….), and after that I actually have a bit of holidays, yeeha…. so if you are in Belgium, I would be very happy if we could meet, if you would have some time! Where will you be? Brussels? That would be great…Of course you are welcome to come to the performance in Gent, the info is somewhere in my Facebook-page!


    1. masterkeymartin

      Well done Dominica. I can feel your energy is lower than usual, but having followed you for the last 2 months know that it wont take you long to get it sky high again. I’m jealous that this weeks exercise is a piece of cake for you. My toughest one by far!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. dominica8 Post author

        energies are rising already again 🙂 and ooh no, do not be jealous….. remember your won post of this week …. 😉 ….and yes, Tobies, indeed 🙂


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