Week 9: downloading my HearzFlower

Carré 2…. more than ever I wish for you, dear reader, to be able to open up your ‘energetic WiFi-channels’ to be able to look and feel directly into my head and energies…..

‘Act is the blossom of thought’ says Haanel, and the ‘sit with the flower’, aiming to visualize a flower from the very seed until the fragrance…. well… I will try to put it into words….  my very Essence, ‘my HearzFlower’ ….

RosebudImmediately right into the first sit I saw a figure made out of light, ‘me’ in my purely energetic form, that gave a rosebud to a little version of ‘me’. Little me was asked to pick a seed out of the rosebud.

‘But how will I know that I take a good one? Won’t I miss out on certain things by choosing?’….(oh, this sounded like something I almost choked on when I had to write my DMP… 🙂 ) Then it occurred that all information is within ALL seeds, so I just could not make ‘a mistake’, it was simply up to me to grow it into what I wanted it to be. Aha 🙂 . So I confidently picked a seed.

Once in my hand, I saw that it was a RainbowMarble, of course… 🙂 … as well as a pearl — all shimmering with the rainbowy-mother-of -pearl-glow…

MountainsI decided to not plant it in a pot, no, I took it to ‘my’ beloved mountains, where I plan(t) to live one day. Once it was in the ground and little me comfortably installed next to it, enjoying the scenery and the calm time and magical energies of the place, I saw that that place was at the same time my Solar Plexus. I had planted the seed in my Solar Plexus, where also my Aladdin’s lamp is living — the place where thoughts get materialized…..

As I watched the little seed develop, it started to look like a white bean, and thus also like an embryo, and in a split second I was inside my mother’s belly…. all at the same time of still being in the mountains under the sun. Different parallel worlds, energetic dimensions at the same time. The embryo of course also looked like a little whale, and, ‘bam’ (yes there is the famous MasterKey-expression 🙂 ) all ‘my’ animals where there too, inside me. Lovely.

As the bean started developing roots in the mountains, those roots had to dive into all different existing colors in my Solar Plexus, first all shades of red, then orange…. all the time accompanied with the sounds ‘that belong to the colors’ (sorry, can’t say it otherwise), taking the time they needed to take what they needed. (now THAT is an insight to the utmost importance for me 🙂 ) … I knew that I was not going to get to the complete flower that day, nor probably the next, so I agreed to take a week for it, to absorb the full spectrum. Bravo, Dominica….. 😀 … My essenceI could energetically see the full flower as a garment around me, but in a fade, non-material shape. At the moment, I am still a bean with roots and a little stem with a few dense green leaves. ‘Aha, hold the thought, cultivate it, and the matter WILL follow. By the end of the week, the flower will have materialized’. Nice 🙂

While this was going on, I could physically feel my body being filled and ‘materialized’, filling up gaps where there were some frequencies missing — I’m downloading, incarnating, my full potential, and integrating it structurally  — into a mother-of-pearl-white, fragrant rose: me. (well I like that better than being a battle-ship 🙂 ). I’m about half-way, to be continued…. but I can already smell the mesmerizing perfume…

And during the process a lot of images appeared about ‘root-systems’: when you look at a tree, the root-system below the earth is the mirror of the crown of branches above the earth, ‘the crown is rooted in the sunlight….’ and the stem transports the information both ways: the matter out of the earth up, the energy out of the sun down; the nerves/bloodvessels in a brain look like a root system, and are mirrored in the Solar Plexus, in a way, and with the Nervus Vagus as the stem in between; and when you tilt a tree 90°, it actually looks like two brain hemispheres, with the stem being the corpus callosum, … So not only as above so below, also as above/below so right/left, all rooted one in the other and linked with a two-way stem, as within so without… SO many many bridges exchanging and linking information on many levels, and linking dreams and reality in all kinds of directions, so…. IS there a difference between dream and reality…? Which is which? Does it matter? It all feels just as real to me, once the connections have been solidified and are properly nourished,  when the wonder lamp is properly rubbed.


Motherhood metallic pastel G. van Assche

Thougths ARE reality. Thoughts are the mother of reality. The holy grail. Accept the full responsibility that comes with that.

Reality is structurally integrated, fully incarnated, aligned thoughts (or you can have them, and therefor it, as scattered as you like….your choice….). The stem? The feeling that accompanies them.

Funny coincidence: just 2 days prior to this, I got deeper into fascia, and started to do Rolfing-therapy…. which is just that, structural integration. And all this came about because of something in my  Plan Of Action ….


Resonance, metallic pastel G. van Assche

And in the mean time, I’m still residing inside myself, energetically inside my mother — becoming my own mother, in a way, and inside mother earth, all being the same places, absorbing the energies that I need to manifest my essence, rooting on several levels and in all frequencies to grow my crown. On my way to be born again, as me.

G. van Assche

Motherhood metallic pastel G. van Assche

This seems the perfect opportunity also to present you my mother, the one who created the beautiful art-work that have been so miraculously ‘fitting’ into my blog-themes so far…





12 thoughts on “Week 9: downloading my HearzFlower

    1. dominica8 Post author

      yes it is quite incredible… and I’m absolutely sure it will happen in some way to you too, with your own images 😉 …. maybe it already has, you just did not ‘see’ it…. on you go now , “eliminating …, …. jealously, … and … ” soon.. 😉 😀

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    1. dominica8 Post author

      thank you so very very much…. I never thought it would ‘get’ to people the way it apparently does…. I’m very grateful fort that, and VERY touched, and this definitely contributes to a feeling of ‘profound sense of purpose’ that is somewhere in my DMP… and oh yes thanks a lot too for the recognition for my creative expression 🙂 🙂 !!

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