Week 4 : The Girl with the GoldenRainbowMarbles

….. once upon a time ….

…there was a girl, living in Rainbowland, made of the same stuff she herself was made of: all imaginable colors, that you could also hear if you closed your eyes, swirling freely and joyfully, with little specks of gold-dust flowing in all directions whenever she danced and jumped around in her wonderful dream-like world, and where she felt, she just KNEW, everything was possible. She just had to imagine it, and it would appear.

MarblesShe had a wonderful collection of little gems that she liked to play with, tossing them around, and listening to the impact they had on her surroundings. Those gems were actually crystallized inner wisdom, knowledge, the spots where here conscious mind connected and had direct and uncorrupted access to the vast AllContaining Universe. She used them both ways: she tossed them when she wanted to playfully experiment with what they would create, or when she was at times a bit lost in her feelings, she would take one, look and listen deep inside, and find the answers she was looking for. Those little gems were, in truth, the building-stones of her reality. But actually, she was not conscious of this.

Because of her curious and experimental nature, every once in while she forgot that what and who she encountered were her own creations, even if at times they seemed not to be as wonderful and colorful as she was used to see and live amongst. Those creatures now somehow intertwined with her feelings and tried to take control, by seaming fear, doubt, guilt, …. and unfortunately little by little, they won. And one day, she woke up, and found herself in a world that was not very bright anymore, gloomy, cold, hostile even….

She heard voices, all over again, all around her, about how silly she was, believing in her world of light and love and colors and harmony and prosperity. She was called a foolish dreamer, living in illusions, and she’ld better come to grips with ‘reality’. Little by little she started to believe those voices, circumstances seemed to prove them right, so …..

Every once in a while she turned back to her little gems, but every time she looked for them, there was one less….. and the ones remaining gradually turned into grey, dull stones… And then one day, yes, she had lost them, all, her shine beautiful marbles…..they must have disappeared somewhere, in every corner of her still vast and eager mind….

But she was brave, and somehow, a vague memory was kept alive that murmured ‘keep on

L'Evasion metallic pastell G. van Assche

metallic pastell
G. van Assche

dreaming, keep your faith, one day, you will return!’ and this hope became her little inner star, it made it’s nest in her solar plexus, sometimes made itself so small you would think she lost it, but no, it would keep on shining, poking her mind from inside ‘Remember who you are!’

So she decided to follow this little star, which was actually her last remaining marble. And that one must have kept his wireless connections to all the others, somewhere, because every once in a while, suddenly, she remembered, in a flash, and she got answers and insights that helped her getting on. And then she forgot again.

But so unconsciously she was following her inner star, and every time she suddenly ‘by coincidence’ stumbled on an event that seemed to be sent by heaven –like finding ‘her’ musical instrument, this little start grew little bit and got stronger. So bit by bit, she started to remember more and more, also her faith became stronger again, and she got really fascinated by this inner world, and decided to investigate it.

Controversion metallic pastel G. van Assche

metallic pastel
G. van Assche

So she plunged in, deep. And boy, did she found demons there…. all her own creations that had started to live their own lives and were actually steering her without her knowing…. which had transformed her into a ‘little control-deamon’ herself which she did not like AT ALL — but hey she couldn’t help herself…..– which threw her into abysses of despair and depression and self-hate….

But she was courageous and tenacious too, still this one little voice was pulling her out over and over again, and so she got aware again of all those frequencies and how they interact and intertwine, and make knots and not very harmonious chords if you let them…. and so she got into energy-work, trying to figure out how to take back control over this, in a healthy way. This was so overwhelming that at times she felt like not only had she lost her marbles, but she also lost her way. The fear of getting lost in this inner (and outer) labyrinth was paralyzing. And she did not know where to go next, nor what to do. Even her music seemed to want to abandon her, because of physical troubles due to several accidents…. (accidents, she understood, were only created by her little inner star to put her on the path of self-discovery…)

So in a moment of ‘sudden insight’ she decided consciously ‘OK then…. I surrender…bring me wherever I can be of most service, in whatever way.’ Gradually, things started to change. But some   behavior, ‘bad habit-behavior’, proved to be resistant. She felt like it was incrusted into her bones and she could not ‘get there’. This was a big disappointment for her, one of so many. Actually, this was one of the bad habits: she had become addicted to disappointment, and was setting herself up for it over and over again, without realizing that she did that herself.

And then one day, she stumbled over a key that suddenly was lying on her road. She picked it up.

The Key metallic pastel G. van Assche

The Key
metallic pastel
G. van Assche

She felt as like a magnetic force was pulling this key towards a door that had been awaiting for her since ever she lost her marbles….  Hesitantly at first but then more and more intrigued, dedicated and enthusiastic she decided to follow the call of this key, the MasterKey.

She opened the door….. and oh! there she saw them, her marbles! Still all little dull grey stones, but they definitely were HER marbles! She was over the moon as she started to collect them. She just knew, that now, she was going home again, come what may.

One by one, she put them right next to her little star in her solar plexus, and suddenly it hit her, that actually those marbles, were also her own cells, like Og Mandino’s grape-seeds…. and that actually every one of them had their own solar plexus and ‘digestive problems’ and chakra-system, that every little cell was made out of the exact same all-embracing rainbow-material as herself… that they were all little individuals, ever single one of them with their own Definite Main Purpose in life…..

This blew her away. ‘But of course!! THIS is the way to get inside my bones!!’

She started to address consciously all the cells of her body, of all the tissues, first apologized to them for not supporting them, for abusing them, ‘Ho’oponopono!’. Then she promised them that she was going to serve them by creating the best possible environment for them so that they could joyfully and enthusiastically fulfill their own, individual DMP’s, every single one of them…. and that way, they would serve her to create her own Definite Main Purpose in life equally effortlessly and enthusiastically…

And how would she do that? By cleaning and purging the space in between the cells, getting rid of the black sticky stuff there, the ‘food for the negative’, and of the debris, and replacing it again by vivid, vital rainbow-frequencies, blue, red, green yellow….. and every nuance in between using her mind and thoughts consciously this time……. so her cells could all reclaim their perfect balance in their own energy-systems, and pick the color they need to create the stomach, the bones, the articulations….. each their own, in perfect harmony and without inner attack form her fearful emotions. And because they were not attacked anymore, they would not feel no more need to auto destroy.

(The most funny and fantastic thing was that, the next day, in the MasterKey-webinar, she learned about the physical fact — peptides’ n’stuff — of what she just had understood energetically, of what she had seen with her inner eye, her ‘I’….. this of course enhanced her faith in the key AND herself exponentially, and encouraged her to trust the process even more. Waw.)

Happy cells are a condition for a happy life.

the Ultimate Smiley

the Ultimate Smiley

…… and then she realized: she had finally found her marbles AND collected them, and they are gradually turning back into the GoldenRainbowMarbles they had always been — she only had looked at them with too much fear’n’all in her eyes, which blinded and deafened her for all those colors and sounds –, full of inner wisdom and inner power, endless sources of all kinds of energy, of all the frequencies she might ever need or want to use.

So now she can start playing again, learning, experimenting, tossing them around, construct bridges with them, create her soul’s music, and dance….. but this time, fully conscious of the fact that SHE is the one creating, and that everything she will see and find on her path, is what she decides to be there.

Yes, now she can be what she wills to be. (And you can be assured that she will live happily ever after 🙂 .)

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