Week 2: My Bridges, the sequel

…..so, my bridges-metaphor from my previous blog decided to go a step deeper…

During my sitting, while focussing on the 2 brain-hemispheres, suddenly I saw a rainbow appearing in between them, a beautiful bridge to connect them on a new level as it seemed.

Then a rainbow appeared linking my two hands, energy traveling in both ways, wonderful feeling.

(OK, small insert: some of you may freak a bit now, but hey, this is how it is for me, it is my personal truth: Rainbows always have had a very special meaning in my life, every time I made it to a next step of inner evolution, marked with an important event, it was accompanied by a rainbow appearing somewhere in the sky. My sign is Aquarius, and I once read in a description that that was the sign that was capable of both completely objectively understand ‘scientifically’ how and why a rainbow appears and completely subjectively believe in the magic, fairy-tale-aspect and miracle of it at the same time — just a metaphor, of course, but in my case this specific ‘image’ is accurate. The dreamer in me has always sensed a deep connection with it, and it has guided me through very dark passages in my past, in spite of my “objective-to-the-bone-‘get-real!'”-part.)

Well, back to ‘reality’ now 😉 … So, I’m sitting — the bridge-metaphor freshly in my mind…

And then … bam! …. it struck me, like a tornado: all those bridges I started constructing, those energetic bridges, they will be/are built out of full, vibrant and almost tangible rainbows of colors and rainbows of sound, all frequencies present. Yes, that’s my aim, and that’s what they showed me to do. Dig deep inside, and find them all, listen to them, polish them, revive them, balance them. That’s also what I stated in my initial blog last week. (So, back on track, in spite of the digital issues I had to deal with 😉 … )

Because that’s the material I am built of. The full bright, yet calm white color an white sound of the Universal Mind that contains everything in perfect harmony.

It got (appeared) a bit scattered and partly muted due to a malformed prism of an agitated mind, wrong thinking and some bad habits. Now I’m dedicated to developing the skills to make that prism ‘whole’, clear and clean again, so that all those dazzling frequencies can shine and sound and do their magical work of transformation and connecting, of and with myself and whomever wants to join me on this path.

What a wonderful world, filled with rainbow bridges, inviting us to take the risk and ‘travel by them’, to that beautiful ‘somewhere over the rainbow’, that will be ‘a bridge too far no longer’…..

6 thoughts on “Week 2: My Bridges, the sequel

  1. masterkeysjenkins

    As I was reading your blog it had just occurred to me that I have had the most beautiful encounter with a rainbow and two bridges this week.

    I had forgotten my phone at work so I had run back to the office to get it and as I was crossing over a bridge in town there was the most beautiful rainbow I have ever seen. There was a faint double beside it. The day prior we had some pretty wicked ran so the evening of the rainbow had such a glorious splash of pinks and grays. Furthermore, there was a second bridge directly behind the first off in the distance. The rainbow was positioned perfect center to the two bridges.

    My four year old son was with me and he was giddy over the whole experience. We parked on the side of the road to capture the moment.

    Thanks for sharing your experience!

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  2. masterkeymarj

    Wow- you are so eloquent in your writing, how you put it out there. I admire your spirit- “being Aquarian” , another commonality between us.

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    1. dominica8 Post author

      well of course, that what’s my journey is about from the beginning 😉 Rainbowgirl…. 😉 you might want to read my other blogs to find out !! 🙂 but actually it would be better to read them on my NEW blog-address (well, since a few months my blog moved there 😉 ) : masterkey.dominica-eyckmans.com/

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