Week 1: eh … ‘Hearz’…?

Welcome to my first blog ever.

Entering a new fascinating adventure, feeling all jittery to write about it….. although it is the very logical continuation of every step I have taken so far on this earth, and even before. And once more, ‘events’ occurred in perfect synchronicity up onto this point to make me go for it. Blessed be them.

If you are still breaking your tongue and mind over my blog-title, here’s why it is the way it is:

I’m a musician in heart and soul, a ‘sound-artist’, obsessed almost with sound, the whole spectrum of it, all the frequencies (yes, the ‘Herz’ ….. so, got it now? Heart/Herz –> Hearz 😉 ?)
And obsessed mostly with the influence, the impact those frequencies have on all ‘matter'(which is, in itself, dense sound), so yes, also on us, our body, our mind, our soul,the link with our emotions….

Once I started to get seriously into music, it became clear that music, sound, is my ‘red wire’, outward for communication, but most importantly ‘inward’, into the depths of my own soul.
It almost literally forced me to go inside and ‘listen’.

It became a passion to uncover and understand what is going on in there, so that I could ‘use’ it as ‘material, source, food’ for the artistic expression, an expression that would be easily understood by others, even unconsciously.

It seems to me that since we all have all frequencies inside of us, may it be in different ‘proportions’, and some maybe almost mute, the soul will recognise the frequencies that matter to it, that it needs,
and will start to resonate with it and (in term) respond to it. So will the body by the way, emotions stored in certain body parts will respond and ‘be shaken loose’ by specific frequencies.

So: talking from the heart with Herz to the hearts of others.

Recently I also started to do ‘energy-work’, channeling energy, which to me is in a way quite similar, since in my music I also feel like channeling energies from other realms.

Or maybe that ‘realm’ is my soul.
So I’m striving to become as pure a channel as possible to ‘bring down’ those frequencies and ‘materialize’ them into audible, ‘tangible’ sound.
And by doing this, my inner work intensified.

Yet…… I also noticed over and over again that there were ‘blind spots’, or should I say, in my case ‘deaf spots’, knots that I could not unravel and that seemed to block and sabotage me, life-long. And although gradually becoming aware of them, it seemed impossible to remove them or ‘open them up’ and free myself from them.
An accident (whiplash, with neurological consequences) brought me in contact with neurofeedback, and this started to fascinate me. How you really can feel inside your brain the change induced by 1 frequency. Amazing. My intention was set: i was going to heal myself completely, inside and out, by healing and harmonizing my brain, and ‘align’ my mind.

And BaDaBoom…. the MasterMind, Masterkey experience came on my path.

All the pieces of my puzzle fell into place. It feels like THE moment I have been waiting for all my life, that has been prepared for also all my of life, THE tool to bring the partly scattered frequencies inside my mind into harmony and alignment….. wonderful.I have known already as a child that one day I would succeed in this.(but sometimes forgot this knowledge and plunged into despair. But hey, I wanted to get to know ALL frequencies eh … 😀 )

Of course, as within so without: the first Webcast-session showed me exactly what is going on inside me: scattered connection, scattered sound (thank you, technology :p ), and therefor missing out of big chunks, the frustration of ‘not being able to control it’….. and all the old emotions linked to that…. yeah,I know where to start working, hands on, feet on, everything on 😀

Bonus: since this whole adventure started, suddenly I am surrounded with events and links and insights and discussions about frequencies… seems like I’m on My Path…. yippie !

2 thoughts on “Week 1: eh … ‘Hearz’…?

  1. Staf Pypen

    Interesting stuff. The deeper connections inside everyones brain and inner being and the outside world and it’s inhabitants, is something that intrigues me since many many years. But i have never really been digging in, the way that you did.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dominica8 Post author

      hey Staf! so nice that you read it! 🙂 thanks! and well, if this interests you, and knowing you and your path at the moment a bit, i can imagine it does: the MasterMindAlliance, MasterKey, is THE ‘place to be’ for you, next session!
      We really should go have a drink one day and i will tell your more about it.

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